We are a team of professionals sharing the same vision: creating a collection of reusable dust bags for every brand and model vacuum in the world. We are passionate about doing our part to protect the environment and reduce the waste and carbon footprint associated with disposable filter bags, while also helping our customers save time and money.

Almost every household around the globe has a vacuum cleaner, and approximately half of all vacuum cleaners require dust bags. The vast majority of filter bags are made from a polyester fleece fabric which does wonders for collecting and capturing dust, but it’s also non-recyclable. Plastic can take up to 250 years to decompose, and on average, worldwide households dispose of more than 4.5 billion vacuum bags a year. That’s 4.5 billion more bags annually that will need over 20 decades to decompose!

We believe every little count. That’s why we created Macam: a reusable dust bag, made from multi-layer, strong and robust polyester fleece that can provide superior dust collection for up to 500 use cycles. That’s 500 fewer disposable bags ending up in landfills, as well as significantly reduced costs as you only need to buy a single Macam reusable filter bag.

How we develop our reusable filter bags

We take pride in creating eco-friendly alternatives and reducing our carbon footprint, but we also place emphasis on the quality of our products. Macam is the culmination of years of research and product development. Each Macam filter bag is designed with a four-layer polyester fleece fabric that not only provides superior dust collection but is also incredibly durable. The first inner layer is made from special non-sticky fabric that keeps debris and dirt from adhering to the inner bag walls. The second layer stops up to 99.5% of all dust particles, sending them to the last two layers which trap the remaining debris.

Additionally, every single one of our dust bags is cut and sewn to fit the specific dust extractor. Our plastic housings and TPU gaskets are similarly designed for the specific dust extractor, and we test all Macam bags in real working conditions to ensure optimal performance and ensure they meet and exceed the highest dust collection standards.
We continuously improve and adapt our filter bags and work closely with our clients to implement their feedback. As a result, almost every new batch we manufacture has adopted new improvements based on customers’ feedback.