Macam – Saves Environment

Workshop carpenter is fitting Macam CT-26 bag to Festool CTL 26 AC dust extractor

The globe’s game-changing reusable vacuum dust bag.   

Every year around the globe, more than a whopping 4.5 billion vacuum dust bags are discarded, inundating landfills and exacerbating pollution levels. With the aim of improving rather than intensifying the climate crisis, we created Macam: a paramount, planet-friendly vacuum dust bag. It’s 100% reusable, offers long-life dust collection and not only will it serve your bank account, it’ll serve the environment too. Macam is the long-life dust bag that doesn’t come at a cost to Mother Nature.

Back by the latest research and technology, Macam vacuum dust bags are etched from none other than the highest quality materials. Macam is home to environmentally-conscious, cost-effective solutions to cut back on unwanted waste. We understand that conscious thinking leads to a flourishing environment. So, what are you waiting for? Maintain the cleanliness in your family home, commercial store, or warehouse whilst carefully considering your environmental footprint.

Thanks to its reusable nature, Macam dust vacuum bags continuously provide premium results. They are tried and tested to last up to 500 cycles, so when you buy with Macam, you’re contributing to the greater good.

Disposable dust bags require ordering, re-ordering, and waiting for supply. With a Macam long-life dust bag, you can ditch the frustrations of this seamlessly never-ending process.

Practically every modern-day product puts a dint in the environment. But we believe that every bit counts, right? By minimizing single-use vacuum dust bags, we decrease the amount of trash that piles up in garbage dumps, therefore helping to combat surging pollution levels and lessening our carbon footprint.

Our team is passionate about the planet, and each and every member shares the same vision. It is our mission to concoct a range of reusable vacuum dust bags for every brand in the entire world. With the environment ingrained deep within our roots, we are aiming to lower the pile up of disposable filter bags, whilst saving precious time and fleeting money.

Practically every single household has a vacuum cleaner, and the vast majority of filter bags are non-recyclable. And whilst it may be effective for cleaning up a mess, it sure doesn’t do any good for our planet. Did you know that plastic can take up to 250 years to decompose? When we take into account that combined households get rid of more than 4.5 billion vacuum bags per year, we can begin to get a grasp on the dreadful reality of these landfills.

Our products scream sustainability. Macam reusable dust bags have been specifically tried and tested, and are made from multi-layer, robust polyester fleece. Lasting up to 500 use cycles, you can save yourself the peace of mind knowing you’re not contributing to the problem.

With more than 4.5 billion vacuum bags piling up every single year, landfills are growing to all-time highs. All around the globe, these vacuum bags will sit, decomposing at a rate of around 200 years. This never-ending problem is only contributing to skyrocketing pollution levels, along with further damage.

Macam is dedicated when it comes to making a positive imprint on our planet. We are passionate about developing eco-friendly alternatives to outdated, disposable dust bags. The Macam reusable filter bag lasts for up to 500 cycles, helping to cut back on ever-growing, single-use filter bags that are accumulating in landfills. Together, we can change the course of history, one vacuum bag at a time.