Macam – Saves cost

Macam Midi bag  on black background

The world’s most cost-effective, reusable vacuum dust bag  

We take your savings seriously. The Macam long-life vacuum dust bag boasts top-quality materials, at a low cost. Developed with the industry’s leading materials Macam offers game-changing solutions at a fraction of the price. Backed up by modern-day technology and the latest scientific research, we provide low-cost, eco-friendly and time-saving solutions for everybody. Whether you’re on the lookout for a product to change up your warehouse, or whether it’s simply for the family home, we can guarantee you’ll get a bang for your buck.

Cost-efficiency is ingrained within our culture. We believe that everyone has the right to top-quality products for a low-cost price. There’s no doubt you’ll save yourself a hefty amount of cash with our filter bags. Despite the overrated, disposable vacuum dust bags, our reusable range is guaranteed to deliver outstanding results for up to 500 cycles.

One of our best-sellers, the Macam reusable dust bag for the Festool MIDI-2 dust extractor only costs £71. When you take into account that the Macam dust bag lasts up to 500 cycles, it’d work out as little as £0.14 per cycle. Compared to a single-use product that costs around £3 per cycle, you’re scoring some serious savings. Macam reusable dust bags are up to 21 times cheaper than any disposable vacuum dust bag!

At Macam, it is our mission to create high-quality, cost-effective products that will make a difference. We are currently on a mission to create a range of reusable dust bags for every model of vacuum in the world. And within this pursuit of developing reusable products to save our beloved customers money and time, we’re also making a positive imprint on the environment.

We believe in high-quality products that should be accessible to everyone. That’s why Macam prioritises service over profit. Based on myriad years of research and development, each Macam filter bag is specifically designed with a four-layer polyester fleece fabric. The principal layer is concocted from debris and dirt-deterring, non-sticky fabric, and the second layer blocks up to 99.5% of all dust particles. The last two layers trap the remaining debris, providing top-notch dust collection.

We tailor each of our dust bags, plastic housings, and TPU gaskets to fit the desired dust extractor. All of our Macam bags are trialled in a variety of conditions to guarantee optimal performance. Our team of passionate professionals are always working to improve our product range based on real-life feedback.

Macam is the ultimate low-cost, reusable vacuum filter bag. Carefully tailored with high-strength, three-layer polyester fleece, the Macam reusable dust bag is easily one of the best options out on the market. With tried and tested durability, our products deliver unparalleled results. Etched with a non-sticky inner fabric layer and a microfleece membrane, Macam’s design guarantees optimal performance. Lasting up to 500 cycles, Macam is a game-changing product that’s in favour of your wallet, time and the environment.  

So if you’re looking to save yourself some pennies, then look no further than the Macam vacuum dust bag!